File Recovery Tool Windows 7

Sometimes, when you lose your important files from your Windows 7 OS, some might negatively think that deleted files can’t be retrieved anymore. But it’s a wrong notion!!!  If you lose your important files, no need to be worried because most of the files can be restored with the use of file recovery program for Windows 7. Windows 7 file recovery program is specially developed to perform file recovery from Mac and Windows based computers.

Most of the Windows 7 users delete redundant files from their computer to free up the memory space and re-use it for storing new files. And the strange thing is that in some circumstances, deleting superfluous files from your computer might results in loss of important files.  Reasons for deletion might be different but the ultimate conclusion is loss of valuable files. You might be considering, "How come a small unintentional mistake made you to lose your precious files?" Moreover, you may be lynching in the world of depression. And you might also suspect, "Will I lost those files permanently?" There is only one choice that keeps all your ambiguities aside is using Windows 7 file recovery program, which restores all those deleted files with the help of its advanced features. It is also possible to recover deleted files from external storage devices by using this software. You can also look at the procedure to recover deleted files from external hard drive, through the link -

In addition to accidental deletion, there are ample causes that may result in loss of valuable files, in which you will need file recovery program for Windows 7. Some of them are listed below.

  • File system corruption: Generally, the file system is used in a storage device to arrange the files in a systematic manner. Sometimes the file system can get corrupted and then all files from the storage drive become inaccessible. Read restore files from corrupted hard drive to know more.
  • Virus attack: The virus can create duplicate copies of file or it can corrupt the files moderately. Your computer might get affected by the viruses if you have connected USB drive which is having viruses.
  • Sometimes due to Windows operating system crash or uninterrupted system shut down because of power failure, your files may get corrupted. At this point of time, the probabilities of losing files are pretty more.

Irrespective of the cause, if you end up losing your important files from Windows 7 computer, no need to fright, as it is mentioned before, you can easily retrieve data using the file recovery program for Windows 7, on your own. Follow the link to restore document files, ppt files, excel files, etc. With an advanced scanning algorithm, the Windows 7 file recovery program performs sector by sector scanning of your drive for deleted or lost files and retrieves them along with their names and also performs recovery of files from Mac based computers. This tool allows you to save the restored files to any of your desired location that can be accessed through a computer. Furthermore, it is well known tool to recover files from USB drive. Check this site out to know how to perform USB drive recovery along with other storage devices. In order to avoid recovery of unwanted files, this program facilitates you to view the recovered files before their restoration. On the whole, the file recovery tool Windows 7 recovers lost or deleted files from all the latest versions of Windows operating system, other than Windows 7.

Steps to perform file recovery from Windows 7

Step1: Download free demo version of the file recovery tool Windows 7 and install it in your system. Then run the tool and select "Recover Files" option from first window as shown in figure a.

File Recovery Program for Windows 7 - Recover Files

Figure a: Recover Files

Step2: Choose the partition from the list of logical drives and click on "Next" option as shown in figure b.

File Recovery Program for Windows 7 - Select a Drive

Figure b : Select a Drive

Step3: Finally, you will see a list of recovered files as shown in the figure c.

File Recovery Program for Windows 7 - Main Screen

Figure c : List of Recovered Files